Located near Mission Beach in San Diego, California, Santa Clara Point is a peninsula that extends into Mission Bay. It is an ideal place for swimming and water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, and jet-skiing. In fact, the majority of visitors to the area come to enjoy the water. The beach is wide enough to accommodate a variety of people, and there are many launching facilities for boaters. It is also home to the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. There are rental options for paddleboards, water scooters, and other watercrafts. You can learn to sail, take classes, and participate in a variety of other water-based activities at the Aquatic Center.

The Coaster Saloon is a popular waterfront restaurant that serves a variety of seafood. It also has barbecue platters, salads, and sandwiches. There is also a marina and docks for boats. The hotel offers a complimentary riverboat cruise for guests. The Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa is just one block away, and is the perfect hotel for those who want to stay in Santa Clara and take advantage of the watersports. Its marina is open to the public, and it rents boats and paddle boards.

The Point is a great place for people of all ages to go for a variety of activities. If you are traveling to the area by car, you can park at the Aquatic Center’s lot. Alternatively, you can walk to the Point. If you are coming by foot, it is a 2,000-step route. You will want to watch out for the beach along the way. The beach isn’t the widest, but it’s a popular destination for people who love to hang out. It’s a good idea to check with the locals before venturing out into the water.

If you are planning to visit the area during the summer, you might find it difficult to find parking. Fortunately, the Mission Bay Aquatic Center has an online parking map. In addition, you can text directions to the location. There are also several private organizations that rent boats and other watercrafts, including the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa. The Bahia Resort Hotel is also nearby, and it offers a Moroccan-themed bar. In addition, the Holiday Inn Express San Diego-Sea World Area provides a variety of amenities. The hotel is two-star and includes a breakfast buffet.

If you are planning to attend a sporting event or festival at the Santa Clara Recreation Center, you will be pleased to know that it has a tennis court, a softball field, and a weight room. It also organizes various activities and has a youth program for kids. The center is also looking for instructors. You can contact the center to schedule lessons or to find out about other events that are scheduled.

The beach at Santa Clara Point isn’t the largest, but it has plenty of space to enjoy a day in the sun. There are restrooms and a grassy area for picnics. There are no lifeguards, and you should be aware of the local water quality.

The San Diego Rowing Club

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