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Shon Garage Door Repair & Service

Each year hundreds of Americans experience downtime because their garage door isn’t working as it should. In most cases, the problem is a comparatively small one like a broken spring, or perhaps a jammed opener. Regardless of the reason, most issues can be prevented with regular Professional Maintenance.

Furthermore, if you find yourself in a situation where the garage door does not work, it becomes imperative to hire professionals like us to fix it right away.

Never try to fix a garage door on your own, because it is extremely dangerous!

Thorough and Complete Garage Door Repairs & Maintenance

We have been providing Garage Door Repairs and complete maintenance services for over a decade. During this time we’ve repaired everything from high-security garage doors, to regular manually operated doors.

Garage Door Opener Repair - Shon Garage Door Repair & Service CA

The one thing we’ve noticed with garage doors that break down frequently is that they aren’t well maintained. In fact, most garage doors break down because the owner never got professional maintenance done on the door.

That’s why we offer complete garage door maintenance.

Our garage door maintenance process includes everything from a mandatory inspection, to lubrication.

The team covers all bases and provides you with a report that highlights potential issues, which we can fix if you approve of it.

Get a Garage Door Service & Tune-Up to Improve Performance

Does your garage door move up and down slowly? Do you hear weird noises when the garage door is operational? Do you think that the garage door is consuming more electricity than it should? Well, the best way to remedy these and other issues is with a professional tune-up.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service - Garage Door Opener Repair - Shon Garage Door Repair & Service CA

Similar to tuning up a vehicle, a garage door tune-up improves the performance and extends the life of a garage door.

Most of all tune-ups are cheap, and the benefits that homeowners get are exponentially more than what they pay, making it something that you should invest in at least each year.

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Garage Door Replacement & Installation That’s a Call Away

Replacing a garage door is a time consuming and often difficult task. Several technicians need to work as a team to remove the old door and then prepare the space for the new one. Plus, the door needs to be installed following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The slightest mistake can lead to voiding the warranty.

That’s why you only want expert garage door installers like us handling the installation or replacement for you.

Excellent Quality Garage Door Maintenance & Safety By a Team of Pros

You should always get your garage door inspected for safety issues and maintained by a trained team of pros like us.

Our maintenance stretches the service life of your garage door while ensuring that it performs reliably day in and day out.

Plus, we back all the work we do, including our maintenance with a warranty.

So, you can be confident that we have your back!

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