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Professional Safety Sensor Installation in San Diego

We want to provide a safe environment where you can savor every minute spent with your family. With our advanced safety sensors and experienced installation services, secure your property against unexpected hazards. Allow Shon Garage Doors to create a safe place for you. For outstanding safety sensors in San Diego, Contact Us Today!


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What are Garage Door Safety Sensors?

Safety sensors in garage doors are a crucial feature that improves the overall security and safety of the garage. These sensors function in pairs, usually around the bottom of the garage door, and produce an infrared beam between them. When an item or a person obstructs this beam while the door is closing, the door automatically comes to a halt and reverses its path. This critical feature offers a safe and secure environment, especially for households with children and pets. It lowers the chance of accidents and property damage, giving you peace of mind.

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Safeguarding Household Risks with Safety Sensors

Several common incidents and safety issues underscore the importance of installing garage door safety sensors.

Accidental Entrapment

Without safety sensors, a person, pet, or item may become entangled beneath a closing garage door, causing injury or even death.

Car Collisions

Collisions between a closing door and a car can result in significant damage, putting both the vehicle and the structure in danger.

Property Damage

When a garage door closes unexpectedly, things in the door's path, such as bicycles, tools, or lawnmowers, might be destroyed.

Home Security

A faulty garage door could compromise security. Safety sensors guarantee that the door stays closed, preventing unwanted entrance.

Child Safety

Accidents are more likely in families with children. Safety sensors add security by preventing the door from shutting on kids or their toys.

Pet Security

Pet security matters. Safety sensors keep pets safe by halting the door if they are in its path.

Safety sensor is critical to preventing these hazards and avoiding accidents, injuries, and property damage. They offer an important layer of safety for both persons and property in and around the garage. Call Shon Garage Doors! We’ll deliver you top-quality safety sensor installation in San Diego.

Get Professional Safety Sensor Installation in San Diego

When it comes to installing safety sensors for your garage door, expert installation is essential for numerous reasons:


Professionals have experience dealing with intricate wiring and calibration complexities, ensuring sensors operate effectively and reliably.


They have the equipment and skills to position the sensors, reducing the danger of false alarms or failure to detect obstructions in the door’s path.


Expert installers focus on safety precautions, reducing the possibility of accidents arising during the installation process.


They do a thorough inspection of your garage door system before installation, identifying potential trouble or other concerns.

Warranty and Support

If there are any problems or malfunctions, you can rely on their competence to identify and repair them quickly and efficiently.
The intricacies of safety sensors and the need for precision make expert installation the recommended option for the long-term efficiency and durability of your garage door safety sensors.
We guarantee an efficient safety sensor installation on your San Diego home. Call Shon Garage Doors Today!

Secure Your Space with Shon Garage Doors

Ready to boost the safety of your garage door with professional sensor installation? Shon Garage Doors is the only answer! Our experienced technicians in San Diego ensure the security of your family. With our dedication to precision and safety, you can rely on us to handle your installation with care and skill. Don’t risk your family’s protection – give us a call, and we’ll give you an outstanding safety sensor installation in San Diego.

Safety Sensor Installation
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