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Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors in San Diego

Have you ever wondered if your garage is as secure as it should be? There is no room for error when it comes to garage door safety. The key to that peace of mind is the opener safety sensors. These are your quiet monitors, keeping watch to avoid accidents and defend against intruders. Contact Shon Garage Doors now to get your opener’s safety sensors in San Diego and make your garage a safe gateway for everyone.


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How Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors Keep You Safe?

Safety sensors for garage door openers work by producing an invisible infrared beam over the width of the garage door opening. The emitter sensor puts out the beam while the receiver sensor receives it. Under normal circumstances, when the door closes, this beam stays intact. However, anything that blocks the door’s path, such as a person, pet, or item, disturbs the beam. The safety sensors detect the interruption immediately and transmit a signal to the garage door opener. This signal causes the door to stop immediately and reverse, preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of the persons and property. Because of this reliable and quick operation, safety sensors are essential for every garage door opener system.

Call Shon Garage Doors now. We provide reliable and efficient safety sensor installation in San Diego.


What Are the Different Types of Garage Door Safety Sensors?

There are four types of garage door sensors. Each has a distinct function and purpose, but they are all created for precise execution and unparalleled safety.

Photoelectric Sensors

These sensors detect obstacles in the way of a closing garage door by generating an infrared beam.

Pressure Sensors

They detect pressure changes caused by an obstacle, such as a person or item, and cause the door to stop or reverse.

Monitoring Sensors

They may contain different sensors, such as motion detectors, to monitor movement in the garage and notify you of any safety issues.

CO2 Sensors

They detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas, which can be a safety hazard in garages. They contribute to maintaining safe air quality.

Each of these sensor kinds has a distinct safety role and can improve the overall security of your garage. Call Shon Garage Doors now to find out which safety sensor is best for your garage door in San Diego.


How Can You Detect If Your Garage Door Safety Sensors Aren't Functioning Properly?

It’s crucial to know that, like any technology, safety sensors might malfunction. Here are some ways you can do to detect if your garage door safety system has issues.

Inspect the Sensor's LED lights

If one or both lights are out or blinking, this might signal a problem.

Check the sensor alignment

If the sensors are not properly aligned, the beam may be disrupted even when there is no obstruction.

Clean the
Sensor's Lenses

Over time, dust and dirt can collect on the sensors’ lenses, reducing their functionality.

the Wires

If you find any damaged wires or loose connections, this may be the cause of the problem.

Call for Professional Inspection

A qualified technician may evaluate the safety sensor thoroughly and make any required repairs or replacements.
Remember that garage door safety sensors are a vital component of your system. If there’s any sign of a problem, it must be addressed immediately. To maintain the safe operation of your garage door, call Shon Garage Doors for superior safety sensor services in San Diego.

Trust Shon Garage Doors for Your Safety Sensor Needs in San Diego

If you have problems with your garage door safety sensors or need expert installation, please contact Shon Garage Doors. Our team of experts is here to guarantee that your garage door runs securely and smoothly. Call us now for professional garage door services in San Diego.

Safety Sensor Installation
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