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Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation Service in San Diego

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Your Key to a Smooth Running Garage

If your garage door opener is built to respond on the press of a button, but it’s not responding, then you should call our professional garage door opener repair service in San Diego to ensure your garage door functions properly. Our certified technicians can repair any type of garage door repair with ease.

We have experienced garage door repair technicians equipped with the right repair tools to perform any garage door opener repair with precision. Our certified technicians can handle any type of garage door opener repairs with ease. We offer all garage door opener repairs at an affordable price.

Is your garage door opener giving you a problem? Call our garage door repair company in San Diego today for all your garage door opener repair needs.


Need a New Garage Door Opener?

At Shon Garage Door Repair & Service, we have garage door openers of the latest models. We offer both types of garage door openers, chain-drive as well as belt-drive openers for smooth & quiet operation. We also have jackshaft openers for garages with overhead space. Our garage door openers are also equipped with smart home technology which have their own set of unique benefits. With remote operation, you will be able to operate your garage door from anywhere with just a wireless internet connection.

Now unlock your garage door with a tap on your phone or a connected enabled device. Remote features also offer increased security, high end durability and complete reliability.
Garage Door Opener Repair

Signs Your Garage Door Opener Need Replacement

There are several signs why your garage door opener needs a replacement:

Unusual Sounds

Does your garage door opener make unusual sounds while opening/closing? If you hear grinding, squeaking or clunking sounds, it indicates the garage door opener component is wearing out.

Safety Reversal

Modern garage door openers are equipped with safety sensors which can reverse the door operation if obstruction is detected. If the safety feature is off, it’s time to get a new one.

Age of Opener

Has it been more than 10-15 years since you last installed a garage door opener? If the door opener has a limited lifespan, it’s best to get a replacement for better efficiency & safety reasons.

Frequent Repairs

Does your garage door constantly need repairs? It may be cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new & reliable system. Don’t waste your budget on constant repairs, get a new one.

Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

If your old garage door opener needs repairs or is easily compromised by thieves, it’s time to replace it. Shon Garage Door Repair & Service offers top-quality and reliable garage door openers. Save your time and energy by employing the best garage door opener for your residential & commercial settings. We have been in the business of garage door opener repair for many years. Contact our garage door service in San Diego at any time. We have just the solution that you require.

Need Garage Door Opener Installation, Repair or Maintenance?

Does your garage door have an outdated garage opener that stops you from your daily routine tasks? If your garage door is becoming a hindrance in your commuting, or keeping your business from reaching its full potential, it’s time to call in The Restoration Group. Our learned staff is fully equipped with the best tools required to perform residential and commercial garage door opener services in San Diego.

To learn more about our garage opener service, reach out to us.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Why Choose Us for Garage Door Opener Service?

No matter how bad your garage door opener situation gets, our team of professionals can repair your garage door opener with ease. Trust our professionals for quality garage door service in San Diego.
All our personnel undergo rigorous training and come with stringent background checks.



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Call our garage door repair experts today for complete garage door service in San Diego.


Can I install a garage door opener myself?
You can DIY a garage door opener if you’re handy, but it’s a complex job. It’s better to let someone like us handle the situation. We are trained and certified experts in garage door opener installation & repairs. Save your precious time, energy and frustration by employing us for garage door services in San Diego.
How much does a new garage door usually cost?
The price of a garage door opener may vary from situation to situation. It includes not just the garage door components but also the cost of installation and how complex or simple the job is. If you want to get more details on garage door opener installation, repair or replacement, contact us & our team will provide you with the cost estimates.
What kind of garage door opener is best?
There are several available brands in the market for garage door openers. We personally recommend our customers to buy Genie garage door openers, Lift Master garage door openers or Chamberlain garage door openers as they are top-shelf garage door openers available. They are high quality openers with back up battery, light option, code encryption, dual-frequency remote and quiet operation.
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